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It will be warm and wonderful this week, including a near perfect Halloween with afternoons in the 70s as a high pressure ridge extends into California. By the weekend, a pattern change to more stormy conditions will be underway.


By the weekend, low pressure from the Pacific will flatten the ridge, bring storminess to the PacNW and Northern California.

At first most of the rain will stay north, but starting around November 5th into the 2nd week of November all signs point to stormy weather pushing south.  By the 6th of November, a dip in the jet stream may direct storms south into California.

The latest model runs have been trending wetter, bringing us significant rain by the 9th or so.

We may be brushed by storms on the 5th, 7th, and perhaps a bigger storm on the 11th. This is pretty far out in the forecast range, but at very least the models agree that we are entering a more stormy period.

The Climate Prediction Center outlook for days 8 to 14 supports this idea. It puts the North Bay and Bay Area at the southern fringe of strong storms.

And, any storms that arrive will likely be mild according to the CPC 8-14 day temperature outlook.

Stay tuned!



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