Housing Crunch

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Coming up on News of the North Bay, Sonoma County’s housing crisis is among worst in the nation.  Made worse by the October firestorms, the shortage of affordable homes and apartments is driving people out of the region.  But a housing bond measure proposed for the fall ballot could be a important step in turning the tide.  We talk to lawmakers and local residents to get their take on where we go from here.


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One Comment

  1. Where do we go from here? How is it that 1 in 5 people can afford a median price house here ? At 685k as the median ….. I don’t know anyone of my friends or family that can afford this… and that’s for a 30 yr old home.
    There’s a big issue that no one is speaking on and that is the city isn’t looking to build affordable housing. They are looking for the big money to come this was and you cannot do that with old homes, small homes that start in the 600k range.
    There’s also the not talking about the many people still unable to even rent here it’s out of control.
    Then just to ice the cake… there’s over 3000 + homeless humans in this county, 10 times the national average per capata … it’s really sad, kinda sickening…. but also completely preventable if we just cooperate with one another and lend a little leniency as far as resources.