Climate Consulting

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As the premier platform for weather, climate and environmental information for the North Bay region, News of the North Bay offers a climate consulting service tailored to the needs of business and industry in the North Bay and North Coast regions.


Karl Van Amburg, the owner of NNB, holds a degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Geography from the University of California at Berkeley. Karl has been an environmental reporter for TV stations in Los Angeles and San Francisco and is an expert on North Bay microclimates. His expertise spans the impacts that climate change is having on growing regions, hydrology, seasonal climate and weather extremes for the many subclimates in the coastal North Bay region.


Besides his weather, fire and climate blog posts which reach some 300K plus monthly readers across the North Bay region, Karl consults with business and industry on long and medium range forecasting, planning, and adapting to a dynamic and changing climate paradigm.

These services are especially valuable and impactful for key North Bay businesses which rely on forecast-driven planning and local microclimate knowledge, including the agricultural, winery and construction sectors.

Options range from simple consulting, to detailed short and long range forecasts and reports tailored to various business uses and needs, with an emphasis on microclimates, geographic targeting, and medium and long range resource planning.

If you would like to explore business consulting services, contact Karl at, or call (707) 326-5225.