The Climate Cast

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Climate change has arrived. From searing drought, to extreme weather to wildlfire, its impacts are being felt in real time all across the globe. How humans face the crisis over the next few years will determine what kind of world we leave to generations yet to come.

Building on the success of his weather, wildfire and climate blog News of the North Bay, Karl Van Amburg has expanded his reach, launching a nationwide platform, The Climate Cast, to bring a whole new approach to the way we think about climate change.

As humans, we can become exhausted by non-stop bad news. The Climate Cast will aim to counter “climate despair” with a focus on positive trends, new technologies, and opportunities for personal action.  Drawing on his skills in communicating complex science to a general audience, Karl will use The Climate Cast to cut through the noise to highlight what’s going right, opportunities for action and change, and reasons for optimism.


Karl Van Amburg, the founder of NNB and The Climate Cast, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Geography. Karl has been an environmental reporter for TV stations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. His expertise spans the impacts that a changing climate and weather patterns are having on the Western United States and the entire nation, with a focus on boiling down complex issues for a general audience.