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Informed, affluent and connected, News of the North Bay viewers are an ideal and growing audience.  They are centered in Sonoma County, and highly invested in their community and its future.  Each week, our video news stories reach thousands of unique viewers across Sonoma County.  And that number is growing rapidly. 

During the Kincade Fire, tens of thousands of Sonoma County and North Bay viewers relied on News of the North Bay for accurate, timely and exclusive live coverage.

With a sponsorship of News of the North Bay, your brand will be prominently positioned to reach this important and all-new group of well-informed and active customers.

Corporate sponsors and advertisers and their logos are featured prominently on our mobile and desktop websites, and are featured in special posts on our social media platforms.  In addition, corporate sponsors are featured on our sponsors page.

News of the North Bay is major market, professional broadcast news reporting right here in Sonoma County.

Besides reaching a growing new audience, your sponsorship or advertisement supports local broadcast journalism, allowing News of the North Bay to continue to produce dynamic and all-original news and information content for the North Bay region. It also aligns your organization with a highly professional, fast-growing and intensely local video news source primarily targeting Sonoma County.

News of the North Bay covers local issues and events that connect residents of the North Bay Area.  Our fresh and highly topical video news and feature coverage is pushed out to multiple platforms including YouTube and Facebook daily.   Your sponsorship supports our issue-oriented reporting on news makers, government, and North Bay businesses.

Contact Michon Sardella at News of the North Bay, at (707) 326-5225 to inquire about sponsorship or advertising on NNB, and to learn more.