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Become an NNB Community Partner

Support journalists and local, community-based journalism, and reach tens of thousands of Sonoma County viewers by becoming a News of the North Bay Community Partner.

News of the North Bay is the only professional video news platform based right here in Sonoma County. Our team has reported for television stations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and brings that experience to the North Bay region. Viewers turn to NNB’s original live and feature news reporting for stories and perspectives found nowhere else. 

News of the North Bay viewers are a growing and dynamic audience.  Currently numbering more than 300 thousand people monthly, our audience is centered in Sonoma County, and highly invested in their community and its future.  Each week, our video and live news coverage reaches tens of thousands of unique viewers across Sonoma County

During the Kincade Fire, North Bay residents relied on News of the North Bay for accurate, timely and exclusive live coverage.

Through a Community Partnership with News of the North Bay, your brand will be prominently positioned to reach this growing audience of well-informed and active viewers.

Community Partners and their logos are featured prominently on our mobile and desktop news platforms, and are given special recognition on our social media channels.  

Along with increasing your visibility, a Community Partnership supports robust community-based journalism, allowing News of the North Bay to continue to produce dynamic, original video news and information content for the North Bay region.

Importantly, your partnership lets your customers know that you support vibrant local journalism, and aligns your organization with a trusted, highly professional video news platform based in Sonoma County.

Contact Michon Sardella at News of the North Bay, at (707) 326-5225 to inquire about a partnership with NNB, and to learn more.