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World-class reporting

Karl Van Amburg

At NNB, we provide world-class broadcast news reporting for the North Bay Area. As the North Bay’s premier visual news outlet, we feature issue and people-oriented news stories that others don’t.

Local reporters, local issues, local perspectives

We live in the North Bay where you do, and don’t just visit to cover breaking news.

Michon Sardella

That means our point of view and coverage is intensely local. We’re familiar with the issues, the stories, the people and the places of interest to North Bay viewers.   We have reported and produced in major television markets, including San Francisco and Los Angeles.  That experience gives us the ability to tell the stories of our region in engaging, visual, and thought-provoking ways.

North Bay connections

By offering video news unique to the region north of the Gate, we aim to be a point of connection for the greater North Bay; a place where we can share our interests, passions and concerns, and connect with neighbors.  In that vein, we will increasingly feature in-depth interviews with business owners, news makers, and other fascinating people who call the North Bay home.