Another Quick Heat-up, Then Cooling for the North Bay

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An historically long and intense heat wave is poised to ease across California but not before three more hot days across the region.

The NWS has issued a new Heat Advisory for low lying areas of the North Bay from Wednesday through Friday, and a Excessive Heat Warning for the hills and mountains.

As high pressure shifts east it will briefly strengthen over California, accounting for the uptick in temperatures.

Here is the forecast position of the upper level high on Wednesday.

This will cause temperatures at the surface to jump to 15-20 degrees above average for early July from Wednesday through Friday.

But it won’t last. The high pressure center will continue to shift east, (with the dome over the Rockies by next Monday,) with a bit of a low pressure trough nudging into California.

This will bring temperatures back to near seasonal normals across the Golden State.

Here’s the official NWS forecast for temperatures across the region for the next few days. Expect the hottest places in the North Bay  like Ukiah to again reach 110 degrees (or more) on Wed and Thurs, with other inland areas from 95-105.


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