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Among the most intense middle latitude cyclones ever to appear along the West Coast will drive Wednesday’s storm, which will bring high winds, hours of heavy rain, and widespread flooding to the North Bay and Northern California.
After a lull through midday on Wednesday, the heaviest rain and highest winds will arrive in the afternoon and last into early Thursday across the North Bay.
Frequent lightning (white flashes) can be seen near the center of low pressure as it rapidly intensifies off the Northern California coast Wednesday in this infrared satellite loop.
The NWS has issued flood and wind advisories for almost all of Northern California.
The North Bay can expect wind gusts of up to 45 mph in the valleys and 75 mph in the mountains. 3-5 inches of rainfall is forecast for valley areas and 4-8 inches in the hills and mountains.
Almost all small creeks and streams will jump their banks, the Russian river will experience minor to moderate flooding at Hopland and Guerneville, and there will be widespread urban flooding into Thursday.
Other incoming storms will bring more rain and flooding Saturday and Sunday, and again Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

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