Sonoma County COVID-19 Vaccinations Slow

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With almost 65 percent of county adults now fully or partially vaccinated against the coronavirus, Sonoma County is experiencing a pronounced slowdown in new daily vaccinations. This phenomenon is being seen elsewhere in the state and nation as well.

In the past three weeks, Sonoma County’s total vaccinations per day has gone from an average of between 6 and 7 thousand each weekday from March through early April, to 3-4 thousand each weekday for the week of April 12th, and just 2 to 3 thousand for the week of April 19th. (Image 1)

Across the nation, health officials report a similar slowdown. In addition, nationwide almost 10% of those who receive first shots do not return for second shots. With greater numbers now vaccinated, fewer people nationwide are appearing at vaccination sites and appointment portals to request shots.

Experts say the challenge now will be the opposite of the past two to three months. With more vaccine in many locations than takers, it will be to convince those who have yet to be vaccinated to come in for their shots.

In the meantime, the vaccination gap between healthier, more affluent communities and less healthy communities across California continues. The latest state figures show less than a third of adults in the state’s healthiest, most affluent communities remain unvaccinated, while this figure is some 54% in the least healthy communities in California. (Image 2) These communities tend to the poorest as well.

In Sonoma County, the vaccination rates among the county’s oldest, most vulnerable residents has now reached or exceeded 80%, while the rate among the youngest adults, those 16-24 stands at just over one third. (Image 3)

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