January Promising A Wet Sonoma County?

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As Sonoma County and the North Bay enjoy a day of sunny weather, the next storm to arrive is winding up off the California coast. This storm will move inland near Monterey and will bring the most rain to Central and Southern California. (Image 1)

Although we will miss out on most of the rain, this is actually very good news for still-parched areas of the state that haven’t seen any significant rain this season. (Image 2)

There is good news ahead. It looks like we’ll be brushed by a storm on New Year’s Eve, opening the door for more storms in the first week of January. Here’s the European outlook for a storm arriving on January 3rd. (Image 3)

And a large low pressure trough is now forecast to deepen and dig south across the West into the 2nd week of January. (Image 4)

Bringing us the potential for a significant amount of rain by January 10th. (Image 5)

It’s too early to forecast actual storms but the trends are certainly moving in the right direction. And for those who follow our weather posts, the Madden Julian Oscillation will be moving into a favorable cycle for supporting low pressure and storms across California later in January. All good news!

Better yet, the two most reliable of the long range forecasts have come into agreement for a wetter than average January. Let the New Year begin! (Images 6 and 7)

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