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The latest model runs show our Northern California Christmas storm trending wetter, with more rain not only for the North Bay but also much of the state. Great news!

On Tuesday, the impressive Christmas storm was intensifying south of Alaska. (Image 1)

The storm arrives with rain in the North Bay in the morning hours of Christmas Day, with periods of moderate to heavy rain. Up to 2.5 inches are possible in the coastal hills, and a half to one and a half inches in the valley areas. The forecast has trended much wetter in recent model runs. (Images 2 and 3)

The storm arriving on Sunday will be a closed low pressure system spinning off the coast. It may be aimed more to our south, although we should get a moderate amount of rain here in Sonoma County. But some areas of Central and Southern California may get their first real dose of soaking rain. Our total rain from both storms should be 2-3 plus inches in the hills, and 1-2 plus inches in the valley areas. Check out Southern California. Finally some rain for them! (Images 4 and 5)

And here’s how the storm series is forecast to unfold, from morning on Christmas Day, into Monday the 28th. (Image 7)

More storms may follow, but the models don’t agree on when. For now the European weeklies still forecast a good chance that the month of January will trend wetter than normal for us. (Image 8)

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