Thick Layer of Smoke Will Likely Linger Until Sunday

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A thick layer of smoke continued to blanket much of California including the North Bay on Friday, and only gradual improvement is expected until Sunday. At that time an approaching low pressure trough will cause southerly winds to increase, and this will help to clear out wildlfire smoke. Still murky skies may be with us until Monday, when the trough pushes closer to the West Coast.

This system is also expected to bring some rain to far northern California, with showers extending as far south as Sonoma County.

For now though very unhealthful to hazardous air continues to plague Sonoma County and the Bay Area, with air quality index readings over 200 in many areas. Health officials say if you must be outside, limit your exposure, and wear an N95 or other mask that filters fine particulates like wood smoke.

The satellite view on Friday shows a thick layer of smoke continuing to cover large areas of Oregon and California. Also visible is the low pressure trough to our west, which will eventually deepen and help to clear us out. Smoke from fires in Oregon and California extends about one thousand miles into the ocean, and is being entrained into the circulation of the low pressure system.

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