Air Quality Reaches Hazardous Levels Across Sonoma County, Bay Area.

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Air quality reached hazardous levels across the North Bay, Sonoma County and the entire Bay Area late on Thursday. Readings at and above 300 on the air quality index were reported across widespread areas of Sonoma County and the greater Bay Area.

At readings between 200 and 300 serious health effects can occur especially if outdoor exposure is prolonged. Above 300 doctors say everyone should avoid outdoor exposure for extended periods of time. At these levels even healthy people can have serious adverse health effects.

If you must go out of doors, wear a highly protective mask like an n95 and limit exposure.

The greater pollution levels today are being caused by a stagnant air mass and the cooling effects of the smoke layer above us. Without heating of the Inland areas, no westerly sea breeze developed to clear the smoke. In addition wood smoke is mixing with coastal stratus, making the layer thicker and allowing smoke to settle nearer to the surface.

Only slow Improvement of this pattern is expected into the weekend.

To access real-time AQ readings for Sonoma County, visit this link:

Real-Time Air Quality Readings

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