Coffey Residents Hope PG&E Payout Can Finish Rebuild

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Two and a half years since the Tubbs Fire tore through Coffey Park, rebuilding is nearly complete.  By some estimates, more than 95 percent of homes there have been completed, or are in the construction pipeline.

But, like elsewhere in places like Fountaingrove and Mark West, major damage to the neighborhood’s infrastructure, things like roads, sidewalks and trees, remains untended.

Meanwhile, this month the city of Santa Rosa is pegged to receive its share of a $1 billion dollar PG&E payout to compensate cities and counties for damage done by utility-caused fires.  Most estimates are that Santa Rosa will be getting about $92 million.  Sonoma County will be receiving even more.

Like other neighborhoods heavily impacted, Coffey Park residents are hoping the city spends a good chunk of that incoming cash on projects that have languished even as rebuilding has gone on.

Coffey Strong President Steve Rahmn says his organization has done major lifting to help get the neighborhood’s immediate needs met, but there are many projects left undone that the PG&E funds could help to address.


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