4th Street Social Club Rides Optimism, Urban Gardening Know-How Toward Opening

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At a time when restaurants and bars are struggling to adapt to changing coronavirus rules, a new Santa Rosa cocktail club and eatery is heading toward an August opening with optimism and a novel approach.

The 4th Street Social Club has taken over the spot on 4th Street formerly occupied by the Jade Room.  The restaurant and bar is currently being remodeled in anticipation of a late summer opening.

The project is the brainchild of Melissa and Chris Matteson, originally from New Jersey, who together have worked at a variety of local bars and restaurants.  The Social Club will be offering a plant-based menu featuring produce grown by Melissa, herself a master gardener, in her own Santa Rosa home garden.

With a menu featuring an all day brunch and smaller bites, along with a variety of cocktails, the pair hope their restaurant will appeal to a wide range of vegan, vegetarian and meat-eating customers.

The inside of the restaurant will feature a full length mural despicting the goddess Athena, which is also the name of their daughter.  Matteson told us that undertaking this new venture during the coronavirus emergency requires a leap of faith, and plenty of optimism.

Melissa will be the main chef, with produce from their own garden featured in most dishes.

The Mattesons say they are planning to serve their plant-forward menu outside at first, until Sonoma County coronavirus restrictions allow indoor spaces to be used.

The restaurant and bar was originally slated for an early August opening, but the owners say late August may be a more realistic timeline.

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