Santa Rosa Police Reform Community Forum Tuesday @ 4PM

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The first test of a plan devised by the city of Santa Rosa to address community anger and calls for police reform will go live on Tuesday afternoon.

The so called “Santa Rosa Community Empowerment Plan” was developed by the city following the George Floyd protests.  Those rallies and marches saw thousands of protesters fill the streets of Santa Rosa and the nation for weeks in June.  The goal of the empowerment plan say city officials, is to gather public imput about necessary changes to local law enforcement policies, including when and how force is used.

A Zoom conference featuring a community forum will begin at 2PM and public imput to the city council will begin at 4PM.  Due to the coronavirus emergency there will be no in-person meeting, but community members will be able to comment virtually in real time via zoom, and via phoned in, and emailed messages.

At the 4PM virtual meeting, city staff will present a draft of the initial plan for gathering public imput, and the timeline for future forums.  According to the city, the Empowerment Plan is designed to “reorient efforts and change policies in a collaborative manner with the community, and particularly with our communities of color.”

If you’d like to participate, go to this web address:  Members of the public can also dial in by phone using this number 877-853-5257 and entering webinar ID 94030047386.

The meeting will also be livestreamed at Click on the “in progress” link to view. The meeting can also be viewed on Comcast channel 28, At&T Uverse channel 99, and on YouTube at

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