Car Speeds Through Marchers, Santa Rosa PD Investigating Possible Charges

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A peaceful protest march down Sonoma Avenue to Courthouse Square was shattered Saturday night when an SUV sped through the crowd, injuring several participants.

Now the Santa Rosa PD is investigating whether the incident was a misunderstanding, or a deliberate act.

The 24 Hours Protest for Peace and Justice began at 1PM at Doyle Park and proceeded to Julliard Park, with an overnight vigil planned at Courthouse Square.  Several cell phone/body cam videos of the incident were made as the car approached then sped up as it encountered the crowd on Sonoma Avenue.

In this video a demonstrator on a bicycle ahead of the crowd can be heard telling the driver to slow down as the SUV passed, and then appeared to rev up and accelerate.


The white SUV was damaged in the incident, but it was unclear when and how the damage occurred.

Some protesters believe the incident was a deliberate act, and say the cell phone videos bear that out.  After interviewing the driver, a Santa Rosa PD spokesman says the vehicle’s operator, a nurse just coming off her shift, claims she sped up in self defense only after her car was attacked and damaged.

Police will be interviewing witnesses and examining several cell phone videos to determine if charges will be filed against the driver.


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