Health Officer: Non-Urgent Health Care To Resume in Sonoma County

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If you’ve been putting off that dental cleaning or other routine medical procedure, you can finally get it done in Sonoma County.  But better check with your provider first before running in for the work.

Beginning today, non-urgent and elective healthcare activities are permitted to resume across Sonoma County.  But it may take several weeks for doctors and other providers to adapt to the new post COVID-19 rules and get you scheduled for the procedure.

Sonoma County Health Officer Dr. Sanduri Mase says she’s issued guidance that will allow broad catagories of non-essential healthcare activities to ramp back up after being halted for weeks.  These include things like dental cleanings, elective and cosmetic surgeries, mental health appointments, home health care and many others.

All of this comes as Sonoma County and others in the Bay Area are navigating phase two of Governor Gavin Newsom’s roadmap to a complete reopening of the California economy.  In the past two weeks various retail businesses have been allowed to reopen, but only with curbside pickup or delivery of items ordered by phone or online.

Still not permitted are indoor dining rooms, bars, indoor shopping and fitness and exercise businesses like gyms and health clubs. Those are considered in a higher risk category and will not be allowed to reopen until the county reaches phase 3 of the state reopening plan.

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