50 Thousand Infared Thermometers Will Assist California Reopening

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The state of California will soon receive thousands of infared thermometers to be used by businesses across the state in monitoring the health of their employees.

Some 50 thousand of the non-contact devices will reportedly be supplied by FEMA and be distributed first to essential businesses before being rolled out to other employers in the state.

Monitoring the health of workers is one of the key requirements for businesses as California moves further into phase 2 of the planned reopening.  The non-contact infared thermometer technology is already in widespread use around the world as governments work to assess public health while limiting exposure.  The devices will be able to determine instantly if a person is running a fever and therefore a candidate for further testing.

In Sonoma County, temperature checking is expected to be in place by June first, and employers will also be using a “check app” that was developed for the county by IBM to help workers monitor their own health and report it to their employers and the state.

At the same time, Sonoma County and others across the state are actively recruiting hundreds of contact tracers whose job will be to identify, test and isolate anyone who may have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus.

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