Sonoma State Will Serve as Coronavirus Alternative Care Site

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In a widely expected development, Sonoma County announced late Tuesday that Sonoma State University’s student housing and Recreation Center gyms will serve as the county’s Alternative Care Sites during the coronavirus crisis.  The contract for services names the Petaluma Health Center as operator of the sites on the campus of Sonoma State.

The ACS is designed to take pressure off local hospitals and clinics by providing a place where less critically ill patients can be treated during an expected surge of coronavirus patients.  That will free up hospitals and other healthcare facilities to care for the most seriously ill patients, and others experiencing life-threatening illness.

The state of California recently provided guidance to counties directing them to work with the state to locate, staff and operate ACS sites in every county across California.

The agreement between the county and Sonoma State will provide space for around 580 patients, with the ability to expand that capacity if needed.  Those placed in the Recreation Center gyms will be patients who have tested positive and have mild to moderate symptoms.  Those who are awaiting test results will be placed in a separate location in student housing.

Finally, another section of the student housing complex will be devoted to accommodating those who are considered most vunerable to COVID-19, including people over the age of 65 and those with underlying health conditions.

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