Newsom Promises More Testing, Unveils Donation Website

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In the wake of new numbers showing that California is bending the curve of the state’s coronavirus emergency, Governor Gavin Newsom used his daily briefing to urge citizens of the state of California to maintain their vigilence, and continue to strictly follow shelter-in-place and social distancing protocols.

The governor pointed to statistics showing that in spite of shelter-in-place restrictions, the number of California residents being hospitalized continues to rise, now at approximately 2300.  In addition, he reported that the number of positive cases of the virus had risen by more than 12 percent in one day, to just over 12 thousand.  And the number of patients in ICU beds had risen almost 11 percent in 24 hours to 1008.

At the same time, Newsom reported that 127 thousand Californians had been tested for the coronavirus, a far lower number, he said, than he and other state officials feel is necessary.  The governor has formed a testing task force that will work with medical testing suppliers to greatly ramp up testing across the state in the weeks ahead.  This will include rolling out technology by Abbott laboratories that will allow 5 minute testing at 75 locations across California.

Newsom also mentioned a new antibody test, developed by Stanford Medicine, that will soon be approved and available in the coming weeks across California, designed to detect anyone who has been exposed to the coronavirus and has developed antibodies.  This could help determine who in the general public has developed immunity to the virus.

Newsom said he hopes to get several hundred thousand additional Californians tested in the coming weeks.

In other business, the governor said that 79 thousand retired doctors, nurses and medical students had signed up at a state website to offer their services to bolster the legions of doctors and nurses working in hospitals and clinics across California. This as an expected surge of new coronavirus cases approaches in the coming weeks.

Newsom also announced a new website, where individuals and organizations can go to offer donations of medical supplies that will be distributed statewide.  The website highlights 13 categories of supplies, from N95 masks to gowns and other protective gear, that are most in demand.

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