Supervisors Move to Protect Renters from Eviction

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In a move backed by guidance from Governor Gavin Newsom, Sonoma County Supervisors voted Tuesday to protect the county’s renters from eviction during the course of the coronavirus crisis, and for 60 days after the emergency ends.

The vote was supported by the a recent executive order issued by Newsom that authorized local governments to act to protect renters who may not be able to pay rent due to job loss or other disruptions during the coronavirus crisis.

The local action, named the Eviction Defense Ordinance, would protect renters during the current crisis, and give them 60 days after the crisis ends to pay past due rent.  The ordinance will be re-evaluated on June 2nd.

Board chair Susan Gorin says the ordinance is designed to protect the health and well-being of community members by helping to keep them in their homes during a loss of income, or increased medical expenses.

The state of California has issued directives to local government asking that they take action to prevent utility shutoffs and evictions during the unprecendented coronavirus crisis.  The local ordinance creates a legal defense for renters and protects them should they become unable to pay rent be due to the coronavirus emergency.

Besides job loss, the ordinance points to local school closures as an additional burden on working families. and a contributing cause to economic hardship for rent payers across Sonoma County.

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