Police Chief: 3 Santa Rosa Officers with Coronavirus Had Minimal Public Exposure

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The Santa Rosa Police department revealed Tuesday that three of its officers had tested positive for the coronavirus, but that all three had minimal contact with the public.

Six other police department employees are self-quarantining after potentially being exposed to the virus.  It was not known as of Tuesday whether any of them had yet been tested.

The information was revealed at a press briefing by Police Chief Ray Navarro on Tuesday, at which he revealed  that two of the officers sought tests on Friday after coming down with symptoms.  They are currently in self-isolation. The third officer developed symptoms this week, and after seeking medical attention was confirmed positive for the coronavirus on Tueday.

According to the department, one of the officers was in a patrol position with little public contact, another was a detective who had not been in contact with any member of the public in recent weeks, and the third worked inside the police deparment.

The county public health lab says they are tracing any individuals the three officers may have had contact with, with the intention of notifying them that they may have been exposed.

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