Newsom Delivers Update. Virtual Town Halls on Tuesday. Sonoma County Cases to 27.

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California Governor Gavin Newsom delivered a major statewide update on Monday, urging Californians to strictly observe social distancing, while saying the vast majority are doing that well.  The governor said the state, as many counties have already done, will begin to close parking lots at state parks to encourage Californians not to overcrowd outdoor facilities.

The Governor also talked about scaling up the state’s medical response, including building the capacity of California’s hospital beds to 125 thousand in the next few weeks, with the addition of field hospitals, and the acquisition and opening of other assets like motels, shuttered medical facilities and college dorms.

He also said the state was sourcing of millions of pieces of personal protective equipment, like N95 masks, googles and medical gowns from China and other locations, and that 6 California companies were converting their operations to produce PPEs.

All of this comes as the number of Sonoma County cases of COVID-19 reached 27 active ones, with one patient recovered, and one death.  There have been more than 500 tests performed, but that number is expected to expand greatly this week as a backlog of tests clears.  The number of California cases of COVID-19 was more than 1700.

  • On Tuesday, the Sonoma County Public Health Officer will once again participate in a virtual Town Hall.  Here are the details:

Sonoma County will host two virtual town halls to share information about Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.
– There will be​ a Spanish language town hall ​from 5-6 p.m. on KBBF radio station, 89.1 FM:​ ​
– Following that, there will be a virtual town hall in English with live Spanish language simulcast from 7-8 p.m​.
There will be multiple ways to view or listen to the live 7-8 p.m. Town Hall program including the following:
KRCB FM Radio 91 NorCal YouTube page NorCal Facebook page NorCal Website
KRCB FM Radio 91
The Spanish simulcast for the 7-8 p.m. town hall will be broadcast from La Mejor 104.1FM. Community members are invited to submit questions prior to broadcast.

Questions for the 7-8pm English broadcast should be emailed to​. Questions for the 5-6pm Spanish broadcast can be submitted by calling and leaving a message at (707) 545-8833 or by posting a question on KBBF’s Facebook page.

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