CORONAVIRUS: Latest Across Sonoma County and the World

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Quick Update on the Latest from the Region and the State

First a few graphics.

News of the North Bay will share this graphic daily, showing the spread of the coronavirus worldwide.  This chart is for 3-19.

Much of this data is from Johns Hopkins University which is tracking the coronavirus pandemic in real time.


World Coronavirus Cases



U.S. Coronavirus Cases



Sonoma County

  • 9 Coronavirus Cases
  • 2-4 Community spread or under investigation
  • 196 Tests done by county and state Labs
  • Unknown number of tests by commercial Labs
  • Tests ongoing both by county Lab and commercial labs. Commercial labs testing through local healthcare providers at drive up testing locations or offices.
  • Shelter in place enters 2nd day.  Mendocino, Solano, Lake, Napa counties have joined Sonoma and 7 other Bay Area counties in ordering shelter in place.
  • Local grocery stores open early morning hours for seniors/vunerable populations only.  Check with your nearest store for hours/days.


  • 870 Cases per Johns Hopkins 3-19, 598 per California Dept of Public Health 3-17
  • 17 Deaths
  • 16 counties in Northern California/Central California now under shelter in place orders.
  • Unemployment claims soar to 80k per day.  State retraining portion to workforce to process new claims for disability coverage.  Claims include disability (out of work with positive coronavirus), and unemployment coverage (out of work due to work stoppage).  Californians can also apply for coverage to care to a sick relative or friend.
  • $150 million being sent out to assist homeless, considered among the most vunerable to coronavirus.  For cities and counties to expand shelter, lease motel rooms, purchase trailers and otherwise house the homeless populations locally.
  • California legislature has given Governor Newsom authority to spend up to $1 billion for immediate needs of Californians.  That number may grow if necessary as California has a large “rainy day” fund.
  • Southern California has adopted strict guidelines, but short of shelter in place.  These include closure of most non essential businesses including dine in restaurants, gyms and movie theaters in Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. Palm Springs among the first Southern California cities to order shelter in place.  San Diego and other cities have joined in limiting gathering size to less an 50.  Orange, San Bernardino, and Palm Springs have banned gatherings of any size.
  • Los Angeles County. The most populus county in the state has banned gatherings larger than 50, put strict limits for social distancing on gatherings from 10-49, and ordered bars (without food service), gyms, movie theaters to cease operations.  Also, closed are live performance venues, bowling alleys, arcades, gyms, fitness centers, wineries, breweries, taprooms.


  • 11238 cases (Johns Hopkins) 3-19 12PM
  • 157 deaths (Johns Hopkins) 3-19 12PM
  • 68 deaths in U.S.  Washington 21, New York, 16 California, 9 Florida, 8 Louisiana, 5 New Jersey
  • Congress and White House prepare $1 trillion dollar bailout for workers, businesses across United States.  Reportedly contains $500 billion for direct payments to individuals.
  • Another package of up to $1 trillion dollars in stimulus and aid is being considered.
  • Congress guarantees sick leave to those who contract the coronavirus.
  • Treasury department delays income tax payments for 90 days. No interest or penalties will apply.
  • White House promoting trial success of a malaria drug to treat coronavirus.

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