Record Heat. Miracle March in the Works?

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Monday was one of the warmest February days in history here in the North Bay.  In fact, Sonoma County Airport was among the stations that broke records, hitting a high of 79 degrees.  The previous high for February 10 had been 73 degrees in 2018.

As of mid afternoon on Tuesday, temperatures were once again headed to record territory across the North Bay with Sonoma County Airport at 81 degrees, and downtown Santa Rosa at 82!

Cooling will begin on Wednesday, with highs some 10 degrees or more lower than Tuesday.  And that cooler weather should continue into the weekend.

And if you’re wondering when our all-important rain will return, you’re not alone.  Forecasters are watching the skies and the long range models for any hopeful signs.

For the upcoming weekend…a cool trough of low pressure will try to nudge into California, but it should bring us only cool air…and maybe a few showers.

Further out?  Well, the more reliable European Model shows rain sliding into California on the east side of the ridge next Thursday into Friday.  The other models don’t, as of yet.  Let’s hope it’s right!

But, even if we do get the rain, it will be short-lived.  The models agree on high pressure…and dry weather… returning toward the end of the month.

So it’s certain we will be well below normal for seasonal rainfall (and snow in the Sierra) by March.  So, what do the models see for March?

Well, this is where there is a bit of good news.  Here is an early look at the start of March.  Wetter than normal.  So far so good.

And here is the early outlook for the entire month of March.

Wetter than normal in California, and a bit dryer than average in the Pacific Northwest.

Let’s hope we see this come true. There have been plenty of “Miracle March” years across California in which heavy rain and mountain snow made up for a relatively dry January and February.  At this point at least, it looks like the winter of 2019-2020 could be one of them!  Stay tuned!




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