Weather Turning Colder, Wetter

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This week will see a transition to a colder, wetter weather pattern as a low pressure trough deepens along the West Coast.

The satellite picture shows a weak storm dropping south into California.

The GFS model shows the trough directly over the West this week.

Since California is on the western edge of the low pressure trough, we will see only weak storms that drop down over land.  This is a recipe for dry, colder systems.  And the projected rain through the week shows this.  Only a few tenths over the North Bay at most.

As storms drop south in the trough, we’ll see cool showers Tuesday night, Thursday and Saturday.  They won’t amount to much, but will keep things damp at times.

As we go into the third week of January, the weather may become stormier, with wetter storms arriving.  The forecast shows the low pressure trough moving west, which would set us up for stronger, wetter storms pushing in from the Pacific.

The models generally support this idea, with hints of stronger storms pushing in.  Here is the GFS model for January 16th/17th.

This is still ten days out, so the uncertainty is high.  But for now, a hint of cooler, wetter weather to come in the 2nd half of January for the North Bay.

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