Storms Continue. 2-3 More Inches of Rain Headed to North Bay

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Close on the heels of a multi-day storm that brought up to 7 inches of rain to the North Bay hills, another potent winter storm is due to arrive on Friday.

This storm won’t last as long, but should give us another healthy dose of rain and wind.  And yes, it will bring another moderate atmospheric river to the California coast.

By Friday, a deep low pressure center will dig south and be located just off the Pacific coast.

And most models hint this will drive a “moderate” atmospheric river of moisture from near Hawaii to the California coast.

How about rain?  Well, at this point (it is still early) it looks like a nice drenching for the North Bay.  Perhaps 2 inches in the valley areas, and up to 4 inches in the hills of the North Bay from next Friday through Monday.

And, if you’re headed to the Sierra be aware that a lot of additional snow will fall, and chain requirements are likely throughout the weekend.  Here are the projected amounts.  Up to 3 additional feet at the ski resorts.

So, a good start to the rainy season continues.  In the far long range, it looks like a break for the week of December 9th, before perhaps more stormy weather for the last half of December.  Stay tuned!






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