Wind Forecast Unchanged for Wednesday-Thursday

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As upwards of 2 million people across their service area remain without power, PG&E says some areas may be blacked out for days after the critical fire danger has passed.

Today PG&E updated the forecast for shutdowns, showing that most areas will be out of danger by Friday.

In the North Bay, 66 thousand Sonoma County customers and about 60 thousand more across Lake, Mendocino and Napa counties are without power.  That’s about 300 thousand people affected.

Right now, PG&E and the National Weather Service are forecasting strong winds Wednesday night through Thursday morning with the potential for damage to the electrical power grid.  Here is where the National Weather Service says the strongest winds will be.

It is worth noting that the highest winds forecast for Tuesday night did not fully materialize.  The hope is that winds will be less than forecast, and power restoration can begin early on Thursday.

For now, the forecast is for winds up to 20 miles per hour in the valleys, and 40-55 miles per hour on the highest peaks from late Wednesday through Thursday morning.  Areas of northern Sonoma County (in red) could see gusts above 60 miles per hour.



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