Update: Graphic Shows Winds to Rapidly Die Down

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The latest forecast models bring good news to more than 2 million California residents who have had their power turned off by PG&E.  The models show high winds to rapidly diminish over the next 12 hours, which will allow PG&E crews to begin restoring power regionwide.

This graphic shows the current winds in purple and blue (winds speeds 30 to 45 miles per hour) in areas of Northern California and the Bay Area rapidly falling over the next 12 hours.

PG&E is using this information to gauge when it can restore power.  Clearly the wind event will be rapidly winding down. The National Weather Service will also be canceling Red Flag Warnings and Wind Warnings across the region later this afternoon (Thursday afternoon) as winds die down.

There will still be breezy conditions through Friday, and very low humidity values which will keep fire danger with us through the weekend, however the most critical conditions will have passed by Friday.

Long range forecasts show a chance of rain regionwide by sometime late next week.

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