PG&E CEO Apologizes, Vows End to Crisis

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Embattled PG&E CEO Bill Johnson finally appeared before reporters Thursday evening, at a news conference at PG&E headquarters in San Francisco.

The utility has been heavily criticized for its management of the historic power shutoffs, as well as the poor performance of its website which was down for most of the PSPS crisis.

Today, at a Sacramento news conference Governor Gavin Newsom blasted PG&E for gross mismanagement, and a long history of choosing profits over its customers and not hardening its electrical infrastructure.

Johnson addressed how PG&E has fallen short of it’s customers and it’s own expectations, and vowed to do better.

Johnson is a new CEO at PG&E and stands to earn millions of dollars in compensation and bonuses if successful in turning the bankrupt utility around.

Governor Newsom and public officials throughout the state have harshly criticized the utility for causing the crisis and firestorms that have killed scores of Californians, by spending millions for bonuses for its top executives and shareholders, while allowing its aging infrastructure to to crumble.



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