76% of Sonoma County Power Restored, 73% Bay Area, More Coming

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Lights began to turn back on across Sonoma County and the North Bay last night, as power was restored beginning around 8PM and continued through the night.  Areas of Santa Rosa that regained power included Bennett Valley, parts of Oakmont, and much of Rincon Valley.

As of Friday morning, 79 percent of Sonoma County, 73 percent of Napa county, 62 percent of Lake county, and most of Marin and Mendocino counties were back online as well.

At the height of the PG&E PSPS blackout event Wednesday, 738 thousand customers representing around 2 million people across northern and central California had their power shut off as a precaution due to critical fire weather caused by high winds and low humidity levels.

About a quarter million customers are still without power, and but most still in the dark in urban areas will have their power restored sometime Friday.

PG&E says much of the North Bay, and 98% of Sonoma County will have power restored by 11PM Friday.

Meantime, the Red Flag Warning for the North Bay has been canceled and winds have dropped to normal levels throughout the region.



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