Tropical Storm Moisture Arrives late Tuesday

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Even as our temperatures heat up for Monday and Tuesday, weather forecasters are watching as the remnants of a tropical storm are expected to arrive in our neck of the woods late on Tuesday.

In todays satellite view, you can see tropical storm Ivo off the coast of Baja California.

Ivo is carrying a lot of moisture, and while it won’t be a tropical storm when it arrives off our coast, it will help raise humidity levels and give us muggy air.  There is even a slight chance of thunderstorms from Sonoma County north by late Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here’s a look at the deep moisture as it moves north over the next two days.

For us in the North Bay, that means increasing high clouds on Tuesday as what’s left of Ivo arrives, with high humidity and even a chance of thunderstorms lasting through Wednesday.

At this point, most models show the bulk of the showers coming onshore around Eureka in far Northern California, but we can’t rule out some thunderstorms in the North Bay, and whatever happens we will certainly feel the effects of the infusion of tropical air, clouds, and high humidity.

By late in the week, Ivo’s clouds will have cleared and the ridge of high pressure that’s been giving us hot temperatures will move a bit east, allowing our daytime highs to return to the 80s in most inland areas.

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