Very Hot Temps Coming This Weekend

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After a brief pause on Tuesday, North Bay temperatures will soar as the weekend approaches, with heat watches and warnings a definite possiblity for Saturday and Sunday.

In fact, some forecast models are showing temperatures reaching 98-108 in Sonoma County, and 112-116 across interior Northern California for the weekend.  Now the details.

Today’s satellite image shows clouds and showers from the desert Southwest moving into California, while fog hugs the immediate coastline.

Over the coming days, high pressure will nose west from the four corners region into California and as it does our tempertures will rise steadily under the bubble of high pressure.  Areas forecast to soar above normal are shown in red.

Although much can change,  the models today indicate this heat up may rise to near record levels.  Here is the outlook across Northern California for Sunday afternoon.  Saturday is similar.  Yes, that’s 100 or higher over much of Sonoma County, and 111-116, gulp, in the central valley.

Now, to be sure, this is still 5 days away.  But meso scale synoptic trends are currently supporting the idea of a very large heat up for the weekend, continuing into the first part of next week.  That means temperatures possibly at or above 100 degrees across interior portions of the North Bay from Petaluma, to Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Calistoga and Windsor.  The coast will be cooler, in the 70s-80s most likely.

So if you have outdoor plans, you may want to factor this in and be prepared with lots of water and limited time out of doors, especially over interior Northern California.


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