Dry Thunderstorms Pushing North through Friday

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Hot weather is coming this weekend with North Bay highs expected to top out near or above 100 degrees both Saturday and Sunday, and a surge of warm, moist air from the Southwest means dry thunderstorms are also a possibility across the region from today into Friday.

Here’s the satellite image, showing the moisture and clouds streaming into southern California, and moving our way.  Already thunderstorms are breaking out across the southern part of the state.

Here is what the moisture surge looks like on forecast models.  You can see the deep moisture (purple) over the southwest, but lots of blues indicating a surge into our region.

Definitely lots of moisture and humidity for tonight into Friday.

Will we see thunderstorms?  The models say most of the activity will be over the Sierra, but you can see the forecast for a possibility of rain over the South Bay and the Lake and Mendocino County mountains on Friday.

You can already see the arriving moisture from the camera atop Mt. St. Helena in this view to the south.  Expect the mid level clouds to increase through Friday.  And with any thunderstorms that arrive will come the chance for dry lightning which Cal Fire and other fire agencies will be monitoring closely.


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