Forestville Slide Halts, Some Residents Return

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One of the largest, most dangerous landslides caused by record February rains has apparently stablized, and some residents have been allowed to return to their homes.

The dramatic slide on Westside Avenue in Forestville initially buckled the road, forcing emergency repairs and causing the county to red tag four homes that were believed to be in danger of sliding down the hill.

Since that time, a pair of inclinometers, devices to measure movement, that were installed on the hillside have shown no movement.  That has given engineers confidence to remove red tags from at least two of the homes.

Although the site is still being monitored, experts say the lack of downslope movement is a sign that the large, bowl shaped slide has stablized.

Meantime, the county’s roads and infrastructure will be getting an infusion of cash from FEMA, after the county’s request for federal disaster assistance was approved.

The Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works department will be meeting within the next two weeks with FEMA officials to determine how much money will be available, and how it will be spent.

Sonoma County currently is monitoring some 110 sites ranging from washouts, to culvert repairs and slides that are in need of work.  The cost of getting flood damage fixed is estimated at $23 million.


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