2nd SMART Train Fatality in 2 Days Sparks Questions

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A man struck and killed by a SMART train in Rohnert Park while riding his bicycle is the 2nd fatality at the same crossing in the past two days.

The tragedy occurred before 7AM Friday at the Golf Course Drive crossing, the same location where a woman was killed early Thursday.

The victim was reportedly traveling on the south sidewalk before he was hit.  Reports say he tried to get off of his bike before he was struck and killed.

Now police are investigating the circumstances of the accident, and why two deaths have occurred at the same crossing in two days.

According to Rohnert Park police, the train operator saw the man and sounded his horn and activitated emergency brakes, but was not able to stop in time.

Just one day earlier, Jimmie Joy Qualls was killed at the same crossing after reportedly ducking under the crossing arm as a train approached.    According to SMART officials, Qualls had received multiple warnings about staying away from the tracks.

The last fatality before this week was last August, when a 29 year old lman was struck and killed by a SMART train in the same area of tracks.

In all six people have been killed by passing SMART trains since the line began operating in 2017.


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