Huge Fog Push Clearing, Warmer Ahead

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The pesky cutoff low that gave us lots of clouds and a few showers has headed south, leaving us in the midst of a slow warming trend across the North Bay.  It will wander around Los Angeles and San Diego today, spinning off some late season showers.

The low’s big impact here in the North Bay was pushing a big deck of coastal fog and low overcast well inland, cooling our temperatures by up to 10 degrees.  The coastal clouds pushed as far inland Sacramento and the Sierra, which is pretty rare.

Here’s what it looked like on satellite.  Check out the clouds across the Bay Area and the North Bay and streaming east through the delta all the way to Sacramento.

A high pressure ridge will give us warming daytime temperatures this week, with days expected to top out in the middle 70s to near 80 in the warmer locations by Wednesday.

Sometime on Thursday…a low pressure trough is expected to slide over the ridge, and retrograde (move from east to west) into California.  Right now it looks like the showers will stay south and east of us, but we will cool off a few degrees.  Here is one version of where the showers later this week will set up by sometime Thursday.

So, we could see a few showers by late in the week, but nothing major.

Highs will be pleasant, jumping up to about 70 on Tuesday in places like Petaluma, Santa Rosa and Healdsburg, and the mid 70s by later in the week.  The weekend looks very nice, lots of sunshine with the warmest spots possibly touching 80 degrees.




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