New Voting Technology Rolled Out for Sonoma County

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With interest in the 2020 general election beginning to heat up, Sonoma County is rolling out a new,  high tech voting system that will be used for the first time, in a major way, for the state’s 2020 March primary election.

Funded by the county, with help from the state of California, the new system is expected to eventually cost more than 2 million dollars and will replace the old voting technology in use since 1983.  It will allow the county elections office to provide more frequent updates on races, while also offering security and usability enhancements.

The upgrade comes at a good time, as the California Secretary of State recently decertified legacy voting systems across the state, leaving dozens of counties scrambling to replace their old, outdated systems with new technology.

Here in Sonoma County, the new voting system was first used during a West County election in March.  The system includes several changes that will be noticed by voters, including new, larger paper ballots, and for the first time, a touch screen and disabled technology interface at all polling places for disabled voters as well as others who prefer that technology.

Sonoma County registrar of voters Deva Marie Proto says Sonoma County is ahead of roughly half the counties in the state in getting their new voting system up and tested before the critical elections next year.



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