No Major Rises in Russian River Expected

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An atmospheric river arriving in central and southern California on Tuesday and Wednesday WILL NOT cause more flooding on the Russian and Napa rivers.

That’s the current word from the California state river forecast center.  Although minor rises are expected by late Wednesday and Thursday…the Russian River is not expected to rise to monitor stage, much less flood stage.

Here is the latest forecast graph.  It shows 1-2 inches of rain falling in the region on Tuesday and Wednesday…but only minor rises in the Russian river occurring by early Thursday.

Of course, with the ground saturated, smaller creeks and streams like Mark West, Dutch Bill, Santa Rosa and others will experience quick rises, but large scale flooding is not expected.

Most models show the bulk of the heaviest rain, and the atmospheric river (blue blob), will be pointed south of us this time.

How much rain is forecast for the North Bay?  Just one half to 2 inches in the wetter spots by Thursday according to the latest models.  Not enough to cause major hydrologic issues for us here in the North Bay.


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