Near 80 Degrees on Sunday?

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Our short but gorgeous flirtation with spring will continue through the weekend, and it looks like the warmest places in Sonoma County could push up close to 80 degrees by Sunday.

The official forecast is for 71 degrees in Santa Rosa on Saturday, and  74 degrees both Sunday and Monday.  But, as anyone who have lived here a while knows, that means temperatures in the warmest micro climates in the county may be closer to 80 both days.

All of this comes courtesy of a nice looking high pressure ridge over the West Coast.

Will it last?  Well, no.  By late on Tuesday a weak front will push in, giving us perhaps a half inch of rain.  Then another storm should arrive on Saturday.  But these are relatively weak spring-like storms.  Nothing like the atmospheric river systems we saw at the end of February.

At this point it looks like both systems combined will bring us under an inch of rain.  And looking further out, indications are that the late winter storms may continue off and on through the end of the month.

Here’s the total rain outlook for the next two weeks.  Definitely just showery, with nothing major on the horizon. So expect only up to about an inch by the end of the month according to current models.

Yes, it looks like March will go out a bit wet, but not like a lion. So enjoy the great weather through Monday!

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