Good News. Next Atmospheric River Headed South.

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As Sonoma County and the North Bay begin to dry out and recover from near historic flooding caused by atmospheric river storms this week, some forecasters have warned of another big AR event on the horizon.

The good news is, early forecasts show this funnel of moisture will be pointed far to the south of the North Bay, and so we will escape most of the heavy rain.   Here is the projected location of the AR event on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The green shows the most intense rain pointed at the Santa Barbara and Ventura county regions.

As for our upcoming weather, we will be getting another dose of rain this weekend, but amounts should be relatively light.  Especially compared to the deluge of the past week.  And no significant rises in area streams and rivers are currently forecast.  Heavier rain will come on Wednesday, giving the region time to dry out before it arrives.

Here is the projected rain through the next week.  Just over two inches for Santa Rosa, but remember, this is over the entire week, with most falling next Wednesday.  So very little chance of further significant flooding.

So, hang in there.  Although we have more rain coming our way over the next week, it will be spread out, with the bulk arriving about 4 days from now.  This will give us time to dry out a bit, and the main stem river levels time to fall significantly.



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