Debris Dumping Warnings

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The Sonoma County Sheriffs department is vowing to crack down on illegal dumping in the flood ravaged areas of West County.

As curbside flood debris pickup enters into its last week, officials say they’ll be cracking down on a recent rash of people taking advantage of the free pickup to drop off construction and other debris not related to the flood event.  Sheriffs deputies will be ramping up patrols to try to catch anyone who is bringing in illegal loads of trash.

Meantime, Supervisor Lynda Hopkins, whose district includes most of the flood damaged West County announced that the Federal Small Business Administration has sert up shop in Guerneville to assist flood damaged businesses get back on their feet.  The team from the SBA is operating from the West County Community Services office in the former Bank of American building in downtown Guerneville.  Flood impacted business owners are encouraged to stop in to find out if SBA Disaster Assistance may be available.

The SBA assistance is not to be confused with Federal Emergency Management Assistance or FEMA, which has not as yet been forthcoming from Washington to assist flood victims.

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