Assistance for Flooding Homeless

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How has recent flooding on the Russian River affected homelessness in lower river communities?  That’s the question that county officials are trying to determine.  County supervisors have allocated 150 thousand dollars in an initial installment to assist those who were displaced by floodwaters…and also determine how many more may need help.

The money will be doled out by West County Community Services as grants to those who were forced out of their homes by the flooding.  But as supervisor Lynda Hopkins told us, the true extent of the problem isn’t yet known.

In the past, victims of major Russian River floods have received federal disaster assistance under FEMA, but that has not come this time, and the county is stepping into to provide what assistance it can.  Hopkins says more money may be allocated to assist those made homeless by the flood, and to prevent others from becoming homeless once the extent of the need is determined.


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