Russian River Forecast to Flood, Napa to Reach Monitor Stage

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An incoming Atmospheric River event will cause rapid rises on the main rivers of the North Bay, and by early Friday the California Nevada River Forecast Center says the Russian River will exceed its flood stage of 32 feet at Guerneville.  Here is the forecast graph as of Tuesday morning.

Here is the developing Atmospheric River, which will be sending prolific amounts of rain into Sonoma County, the North Bay and the rest of California through midday Thursday.

The North Bay including Sonoma County will be blasted by 4-8 inches of rain between late Tuesday and Thursday morning.  That will cause all smaller creeks and may roadways to flood, as well as bring larger rivers to bankful. The Napa River has been forecast to reach monitor stage, and may flood as well although that has not yet been forecast.

News of the North Bay will bring you continuing updates at the situation develops over the next three days.

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