Bald Eagle Update – Sad Outcome

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The bald eagle found shot in Petaluma last week, and rescued by Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, is being euthanized at U.C. Davis Veterinary hospital today.

The tragic outcome was the result of lead toxicity found in the young adult eagle’s body, which compromised its heart.

The lead likely entered the raptor’s body through its diet of rodents and other animals that were shot by humans using lead-based pellets or gunshot.  Although recently outlawed in California, the use of lead shot persists.

Raptor experts including Dr. Dan Famini of Wildlife Rescue and staff at U.C. Davis agreed that the eagle could not be released into the wild, and would have to remain in captivity, enduring daily medication, in order to survive.

With that in mind, the Davis veterinary staff, in consultation with Dr. Famini, agreed that having the raptor euthanized would be the most humane outcome.

For more on this story, please follow this link to the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue Facebook page.

Bald Eagle Update – Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue


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