Polar Vortex for East, Rain returning for North Bay

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For our friends and family back east, the next two to three days will be among the coldest in a generation.  A severe polar outbreak will drop temperatures as low as 40 degrees below zero in the upper midwest, the upper 20s along the gulf coast, and break records in many states.

The outbreak will peak Wednesday, and move east through the week.

For those of us in the North Bay, this week will see clouds and unsettled weather returning.

A couple of weak storms will move through Tuesday and Thursday, bringing a few showers.  Then on Friday and Saturday, a stronger system will give us rain, wind and lots of new snow in the Sierra.  Another storm may bring more rain Sunday into Monday.

The storm on Friday and Saturday should split, giving us two inches or more of rain, but also sending lots into Southern California.  Here is the outlook for rain by Sunday.

So, after a week or so of sun, get the umbrella handy for later this week!

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