Heavy Rain and High Winds Inbound

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Sonoma County and the North Bay are about to get wet, windy and wild through the coming weekend.

The biggest storm will arrive Friday afternoon into the evening.  The rain will continue, off and on, into Monday as a second and third system, each colder than the last follow in succession.

Rainfall across the North Bay should be heavy Friday night into Saturday, with up to three inches and more in the wettest spots piling up by Sunday.

And winds should be high, generally gusting to 30 miles per hour, up to 60 or 70 miles per hour on the peaks of the North Bay as deep low pressure, and the strong cold front approach by late on Friday.  Expect wind advisories to be issued across the entire Bay Area for late Friday and Saturday.

The different models diverge on the total rain we will get…but expect at least two and a half, and more likely 3 or more inches in total by Tuesday.  Places in the hills along the coast, like Cazadero and Venado should receive in the neighborhood of 6 inches.

And as each storm gets colder, snow may fall down to 3 thousand feet on Mt. St. Helena and other high peaks of the North Bay by Monday.  In the Sierra, five feet or more of snow is forecast by late on Monday.

As the rain is spread out over three to four days, no significant flooding is expected, but of course News of the North Bay will be watching that, and will bring you updates if those conditions change.


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